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Détails de la soirée

James Dean Brown, living/working in Berlin, Frankfurt/Main and Paris, is deeply rooted in the adventuresome Perlon family, and a DJ regular in the rotating line-up of their monthly, infamous “Get Perlonized” parties at Panorama Bar since 2001.

Now he is happy to announce the launch of his bi-monthly residency at Badaboum: Badass Boombox aims at “the emotional maximum”. Joined by friends and soulmates from his favourite inspirational music communities, JDB celebrates a floor full of sonic wonders. And what a start this is going to be! For his initial event the explosive Chile-Venezuela Electrolatino connection Los Refrescos confirmed to present one of their rare live sets in a French première.

As Los Refrescos the innovators of sound Dandy Jack and Argenis Brito set the groove levels as high on the official boom scale as you can get on Latin homegrown, and as deep as the Pacific Mariana Trench. The title of their forthcoming release “El Mundo se esta Calentando” (The World is Heating Up) includes the promise that their music will raise the temperature of your hearts and pants as well.

Dandy Jack of-all-trades (Perlon, Ruta 5, Crosstown Rebels), with whom JDB is close friends for 30 years now, is constantly and restlessly en route around the world to spread his very unique musical vision.

Argenis Brito (Cadenza, Mobilee, Tuning Spork), a professional musician, trained singer (Señor Coconut) and passionate producer, continues to flourish as an entertainer of boundary pushing electronics.

James DeanBrown, producing as Narcotic Syntax and Hypnobeat, and DJing for more than 20 years, is a story-teller, crossing a wide field of genres. His versatile roller coaster DJ rides are strictly passionate, vinyl-based, and of timeless quality. They follow an approach of serious deepness, psychedelia and Voodoo House; “minimalism” means reduction of conformity here.

JDB’s Concrete membership card displays a “guru” status probably for a good reason: reviews rave about his “oeuvre of massive dancefloor destruction” and his “exciting mix sessions that can manage your body in a way you didn’t expect”.