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Détails de la soirée

Since I feel pretty lucky you’re reading this message– I bet reading a party description text doesn’t occur that often these days – I’m going to try and make it worth your while.

First thing I’ll tell you : DJs are full of shit. They don’t realize the luck they have, standing in front of you, having your full attention, for minutes maybe hours. Who else has had this chance lately?
If you had this opportunity wouldn’t you try to make something more out of it ?

Second thing (this might be a little less exciting), I will explain why the party is called Sonogram.
There is a common belief among DJs that, much like shamanism, you can create common images and atmospheres to unite a group of people through music.
Imaging, using pulses of sound transmissions.
Isn’t that the definition of Sonogram ?
This again is mostly bullshit, given the low level of implication the DJ puts in his performance. Blending similar tracks of preconceived muzak and playing it safe with the BPM. Shaman or bus driver ? One might wonder…

Well, where do we go from here ?
(BTW I love to drive on road trips)
After years and years of pure passion for music, from house to synth punk, techno to jazz, musique concrète to afrobeat… Will I let myself accept such a dim picture ?

A sonogram can reach deep inside you, and reveal what hides underneath, uncover mysteries and miracles that lie beneath the skin, concealed from the naked eye.
It takes pushing a lot of boundaries to make it work. Timespan (7 hours seems like an unreasonable choice already), styles, trends, intensity, lyrics, deepness, fun, experiments…

It seems a little crazy when you actually realize the ambition behind that little club night… But I definitely want to try, and would be great to try it with you.

DATE : 12th of march 2015
TIME : 00h – 06h
CLUB : Le Malibv
ADDRESS : 44 rue Tiquetonne 75002 Paris Métro Etienne Marcel, Réaumur Sebastopol
LINE UP : Heartbeat all night long

Free entrance before 1am
8 euros afterwards